Application Process:

Candidate parents who want more detailed information about our schools can make an appointment with our school secretary for an Ütopya Private Primary School introduction meeting.

What is Required:

1. Children who will start grade one should be 72 months old on the 1st of September.

2. Ütopya Private Primary School pre-enrollment form should be filled in and handed in to our school Management.

3. Pre-enrollment documents are put into order and then parents and our candidate students are invited to our school. Our school headmistress has a meeting with the parents and the candidate students with our school psychologist.

4. After the meeting, if the student is accepted, enrollment procedures are started. Criteria for acceptance or non acceptance to Ütopya are as below:

· For the family: Parents and the school should have the same openness and understanding towards education.

· For the candidate student: They should be academically able and their personal behavior should match for the grade applied.

The result of the meeting is then notified to the parents within three days. In the case of acceptance, the enrollment procedure should be completed within three days.

NOTE: If our students have a health issue, the time of the assessment can be longer, as we might need special information from the doctor or the therapist, but until the decision is made the candidate student’s place is kept on the list.


Documents needed for enrollment:

1. Letter

a: Written by the candidate student:

(For our students starting grade one, their parent will write the letter with their child’s words, for other grade applications our candidate students will write their letter in their hand writing.)

Subject: "Can you tell us about yourself? What are things you like and dislike, what makes you happy and unhappy?"

b: Written by the parents:

Subject: "Your child’s personal attributes, their interest and abilities, anything else you would like to share with us about your child and their life."

2. Qualified Education Contract
(Families meeting our expectations in terms of education)

3. School Fees Contract (In terms of payments)