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You may register now for Admissions at Utopya Primary Secondary School and International Small Hands Academy for the 2024/2025 School Year.


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At Ütopya Primary and Secondary Schools, we believe that every child has the right to an enjoyable childhood and learning experience. We offer holistic teachings focused on each individual child. Our motto is "TO EXIST-TO BE-TO LIVE LIFE WITH AN ABUNDANCE OF  JOY AND EXPERIENCE."

Our philosophy is based on physical, emotional, social, philosophical, and intellectual development. 

"Their present and future lives are taken into consideration with openness and care."

Ütopya is designed as an education and learning foundation where our children can express themselves freely and authentically. This will help shape their individuality, emotional wholeness/awareness and knowledge with supporting programs and events. 

We prepare programs which equip our children with the knowledge, skills and abilities they will need during the course of their education at Ütopya, not only for the (Level Assessment Exams/SBS, YGS, LYS and ÖSS), but also for the day to day trials they may face. With this process and understanding in mind, Ütopya is set up with opportunities for our children to achieve the qualities to make their own decisions by developing their intellectual capacity and their cultural awareness. This will help guide them to make their own decisions as an individual and as a part of society, learning how to obtain the necessary information needed to make these decisions.

Ütopya has been implementing these programs and events since 2007, where the children truly live their childhood everyday, all through the year, during break times, by different teaching styles and constant improvement in education with innovation.

Address: Ütopya Primary and Secondary Private School
Çekmeköy Merkez Mah. Çavusbası Çekmeköy Yolu Durmusoglu Caddesi Candan Sok. No:15 Çekmeköy İstanbul
Tel: +90 216 642 64 20 E-mail: info@utopyaokullari.k12.tr