About Us

"Our children are at the center of everything we do with love and care."

"Ütopya is not only a school, it is also a life learning center where the children feel at home, safe and inspired."

When you enter Ütopya, you immediately get the sense of belonging and comfort. You will notice the delicious aromas of freshly baked products, made with fresh local ingredients by our talented cooks and prepared in our kitchen for snack times and home cooking style lunches. You will also hear laughter and notice children playing and chatting in our expansive garden.

At Ütopya our children, from a very young age, are given the chance to discover themselves and who they truly are. They are furthermore guided in ways to become truly independent and understand the importance of community in education. 

They will have a sense of emotional support, especially during these strange and uncertain times. We are all here to support each other, help one another and provide encouragement when needed.


Effectively and efficiently, even during the most volatile and uncertain times.

In our pedagogic approach it is of the utmost importance that we get to know each child as an individual and offer specific guidance and support on an individual basis. Therefore, each grade only has one classroom accommodating a maximum of 20 students each. This allows one-on-one interaction with each child. Our teachers get to know each child in the true sense, providing the care and time for each one according to their individual needs. The children at Ütopya are well aware of the fact that they are properly cared for, thereby allowing them to freely express themselves. 

At Ütopya, children are given the opportunity to discover their strengths and identify their individual needs. They get the chance to know one another on a personal level, thereby making meaningful connections and forming long lasting friendships.

At Ütopya, our children are given the sense of belonging to a close, school community enjoying all the privileges and responsibilities inherent to such a community.

At Ütopya Schools you can expect:

High-Quality Academic Education

Multi-Lingual Learning

Turkish as a Foreign Language for International  Families

Homeroom Teaching with Native Speaking Teachers

Learning Active Life Skills

Creating Experiences to Develop existing Talents and Discover New Talents

We provide:

A healthy food regime, important life skills and the opportunity to develop enduring relationships between friends, teachers and all staff members at Ütopya.

A relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere within an environment surrounded by nature contributing to our children's wellbeing.

A democratic and happy second home.

A space designed to prioritize growing up in real life and as a vital member of our community.

Being considered as a unique individual with his/her specific needs.

Encouragement to the children to use their own minds, to develop curiosity and creativity while actively exploring and learning during the growing up process.

New and exciting opportunities and creating memorable experiences during the journey.

School hours are between 08.00 - 16.00 from Monday - Friday: 

This includes the MEB curriculum, Foreign Languages, Bi-Lingual and International Learning programs.