Health and Safety at Ütopya:

Teaching children safety and hygiene has always been a huge part of our curriculum, school routine and atmosphere. our classrooms and our garden, have always been equipped with sinks. Teaching children how to maintain healthy hygiene practices, including washing their hands properly, cleaning their nose, food service and eating habits, are taught early on in the first weeks of school education.

Ütopya has always had a sickness policy that requires a doctor’s report before a child can return to school following a contagious illness, we care about the safety of our students.

COVID-19 Measures:

During the pandemic, we began working more closely with a doctor who helped us establish new policies and procedures with regards to overall health precautions and social distancing standards at each of our campuses. Our doctor follows up with the daily health checks of our staff and students.

We have introduced well-marked social distancing rules both outdoors and indoors and taken the necessary precautions of labeling and separating students’ supplies. Beyond these measures, we have transitioned to doing Outdoor Education and are committed to this through the early fall until extreme weather no longer permits us to be outside.