Interactive Distance Education has been prepared by our teachers in a well-considered manner to introduce High Quality Education into our online lessons as well, which includes the following:

Turkish Curriculum, Foreign Language Curriculum and Bi-lingual Additional Program to form part of Distance Education

Ütopya Interactive Distance Education (UIDE) is not an ordinary distance education.

It is interactive, as class friends and teachers are together.

It is alive, and all learning materials are specially prepared by the teachers, instead of using ready made learning material.

It isn't a system where teachers only use videos for the children to watch and learn. It is a system designed thoughtfully for every class and the individual needs of each child so they can experience some sort of normality and reality during their online lessons, thereby retaining a true sense of school life, learning and, most importantly, not losing hope.

The goals of UIDE:

Our first goal is to maintain a sense of being part of a group, allowing the children to remain connected, while continuing their normal classroom routines.

Children need to understand that life is unpredictable with unexpected things happening from time to time and that change is part of life too. Despite these changes, they will still have a life and school routine, a routine that is very important in order for them to continue their lives as normal as possible. This stability will ensure they feel emotionally safe and supported, not discouraged and anxious.

Our second goal is to continue working with each child on their development, deep sense of learning, joy, curiosity, creativity and motivation, all while focusing on staying connected.

Here's how:

Ütopya Teachers have a great bond with the children. Parents also play a key role in keeping their routine at home similar to that in school, such as getting up at the same time, having breakfast together and sitting with their child/children at the

computer for the first few days to support them until they become completely independent users.


The weekly programs are adapted into interactive distance learning. We start by preparing the children step by step to prepare them mentally as well as teaching them the technical aspects.

Activities are arranged to incorporate physical and active movements.

The programs are arranged as whole groups, small groups and one to one.

Very intensive communication with parents using online link book.